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Adrian Dharsan

Head of Asia Pacific Sales

With a career spanning almost 30 years, Adrian been in the aviation industry from travel agents to airlines, banks to lessors, from Hong Kong to Dublin to Singapore. A bulk of his experience is in global aviation finance with a primary focus on doing business in Asia Pacific and South Asia. Over that time, he has built an extensive global network with industry partners, competitors, OEMs, and customers. He has opened several new markets, led in several airline restructurings during the last two global crises, and worked on many innovative solutions with OEMs, airline clients and other partners. He has participated in several industry events and conferences as a participant, panellist, and moderator on topics of the day. He is also a Board Member of the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT).

He graduated from Law School at The National University in Singapore in 1997 and is an Advocate & Solicitor of The High Court of Singapore (non-practising). In 2004, he earned his MBA from the University of Chicago.

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