Giving wings to your ambitions

At DAE Capital, we offer a unique career journey with international exposure, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, develop and succeed. The key to success within our business is the ability of specialist teams to work cross functionally and secure the best outcomes for customers.

Technical Asset Management

The DAE Capital Technical Group are sometimes described as the people behind the planes. This division works across the full spectrum of aircraft management, including Fleet Management, Powerplant and Technical Services. The Technical Services team is responsible for the provision of technical information and recommendations to other areas of the business, technical solutions for aircraft transition, repossession and divestments, and the review of current and proposed regulatory airworthiness and technical requirements, which affect the business. In addition, this team is responsible for aircraft material/component acquisition and delivery for the DAE fleet and procurement coordination of key DAE projects. The Powerplant team is comprised of experts in the fields of new and used engine asset management. They are responsible for the technical programme management of all engine assets associated with DAE’s fleet of aircraft.

The Fleet Management team is responsible for the project management of transition airplanes and technical support to the DAE Sales and Trading teams for the re-lease, extension, purchase or sale of aircraft.


The Finance division at DAE Capital focuses on a number of areas of financial management, including Corporate Finance, Tax, Treasury, Financial Planning & Analysis and External Reporting.

The Corporate Finance team is responsible for raising bank commercial debt to acquire aircraft, fund down-payments due to the manufacturers of aircraft and the refinancing of assets in the portfolio as leases and related loans expire.

The Tax team manages compliance obligations in multiple jurisdictions, for hundreds of entities, and covering tax heads such as Corporate Tax, VAT and Goods & Services Tax among others.

The Treasury team interacts closely with the Corporate Finance team in negotiating new debt facilities and mitigating any interest rate exposure amongst other areas of activity within the business.

Working in this fast-paced environment with industry experts from a variety of backgrounds provides a rewarding career path for ambitious financial professionals and graduates.


The work of the Legal team at DAE Capital covers a wide range of disciplines including Transaction Legal, Corporate Secretarial, Corporate Governance, Legal and Regulatory Compliance, and Ethical Compliance.

The legal team are the guardians of good governance and legal compliance within the organisation, and are responsible for monitoring and ensuring compliance by the DAE Capital Group and its employees with all rules, legislation, laws and regulations affecting the business in the countries and markets within which we operate.

The legal team also manages the day-to-day transactional activity of the organization, which includes the legal oversight for the acquisition of new aircraft, the re-marketing of aircraft to airlines around the world, aircraft in transition and lease agreements with our customers in over 100 countries.


The Commercial division of DAE Capital manages all sales, trading and commercial operations for the company.

The Sales team are the customer-facing side of the company. They are responsible for ensuring all aircraft are placed with customers on the best terms on a timely basis. One of the main skills required is an ability to positively maintain and develop relationships with existing customers and to impress upon potential customers in line with companies needs and customers’ requirements.

The Trading team is responsible for the firm’s secondary market aircraft investment and divestment activities along with its new aircraft OEM activities, which includes working with global aircraft manufacturers, such as Boeing and Airbus.